All my IT friends will probably laugh at this blog post, but someone needed to show me how to do this after I received $600 phone bill for data roaming and I didn’t even touch my phone while it was getting crazy charges.

I promised many friends that I will post this step-by-step how to: So this is the screen when you go into your SETTINGS on your iPhone.

You will click into GENERAL and you’ll get into this screen:

And then you’ll click into Cellular
and then you want to turn off your cellular data to make it look like this:
You can get phone calls normally, but will abvoid international roaming data charges. My global data charges cost $20.48 per 1MB. You can get onto WIFI anywhere – and then you can use my favorite free app – VIBER. Looks like this:
Viber will let you make phone calls and send text messages to anyone that has Viber installed, so it’s really easy to stay in touch with people at home or your fellow travellers.
Good luck and Happy Travels!




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