I just got back from my beloved Beaches Turks & Caicos. Last time I was there was end of August 2012.



Unlike in August, our conditions were not the greatest, so we had to dive from the south side of the island. Minor inconvenience.

These were my 1st dives together with my husband since Belize October 2011, and they even let us do 2 buddy dives where it was just the 2 of us away from the group. I truly enjoyed that.

The conditions and visibility that were not ideal especially how good they can be in Turks, I was just happy to dive. To be back in the water and breathe bubbles is all I need. As most of dive masters say: you’ll see water, sand and coral. Everything else is a bonus. So here are few amature photos taken by my disposable camera (or heresy for photography as far as my husband is concerned, but I’m still waiting for some underwater photos from 6 years ago, so I had to take matters into my own hands).

1st one is me, then lion fish, then me again.
But I was lucky to meet Gary Javore of Deep Blue Productions and he was nice enough lo let me use few of his photos:
I absolutely love when I see a turtle. They are so gentle and I consider them a good luck. I heard somewhere that turtle statuetes are supposed to bring financial luck to a household so I never go anywhere tropical without bringing back a carved turtle. Needless to say I have wooden turtles by dozens.
Loved seing the black tip reef sharks. They are such majestic creatures.
These fishes were HUGE! They travel in groups, and we only saw them when we dove the site called Two Step.
Thank you again, Gary for your beautiful photos.
The dive boats were great (Newton), dive staff especially Noemi, Dejan and Oats were joy to dive with. Thanks guys!
(you didn’t think I was going to let a fish have a last photo in this blog?)
Happy Travels and Happy Diving!

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