Best Deal – Summer 2016

DC Vekic blog June 30, 2016

Every summer I announce what is in my opinion the best deal. And this year it is AZUL IXTAPA BEACH RESORT.


For only $829 per person (based on double occupancy), you can get away from Los Angeles for SEVEN NIGHTS!


Only $829 (including all taxes and fees) gets you:

  • non-stop air by Alaska Airlines
  • roundrtrip hotel/airport transfers
  • OCEAN VIEW hotel accomodation (king or double beds)
  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • unlimited meals and snacks

AZUL 6506083

A particularly distinctive Azul Ixtapa Beach is its composition of tiny particles of magnetite, a mineral that gives a special color to the sand plus a magnet properties that naturally provides, as with the simple contact with it or through a walk, you can feel the healthy energy effects.



  • A wonderful ocean view from any of its 400 luxury rooms, including 56 Junior Suites and 3 Presidential Suites.
  • 6 Restaurants with meal plan that includes all meals at exclusive restaurants “a la carte” and international buffet with drinks selected brands.
  • 1 snack bar pizzeria.
  • 3 bars in the pool area.
  • Lobby Bar with unparalleled sunsets.
  • Disco, BREEZE Sea, Lounge & Disco, located next to the beach and caressed by the sea breeze.
  • Three pools, one designed especially for children and the other with a hidrodromasaje section.
  • Outdoor theater with different international shows every night.
  • Theme park specifically designed for children.
  • Club activities, with a variety of sports and entertainment options.
  • Tennis courts, paddle tennis and football.
  • Ecogym.
  • mini-golf ($) and more…


Deposit to reserve is only $125 per person.

If you bring the kids, the price goes down even more- under $800 per person!


This will sell out very soon! Call or text or email today!

cell 310-490-1893



Volaris? I think not!

DC Vekic blog July 21, 2015


All of us have a favorite airline we are used to. Mine are American and Alaska. We all know what to expect when we board the flight. Well recently, and especially for a wedding I did last year in Cancun, I have had clients mention and fly Mexican airline named VOLARIS. I had no clue about it, but decided to book my return flight from the Riviera Maya on this airline, just so that I can have experience and to know what to say when clients are asking me about it. First, very strange thing was it is ONLY available to be booked online. No agency can book it, no telephone number, no customer service. Well, that should have been the first red flag, but I proceeded anyway. Reserved my ticket and here pops the screen asking me if I wanted to pay extra to upgrade to the business class. YES, PLEASE! Clearly in black there says BUSINESS and $75 didn’t sound like too cheap of an upgrade one way, I upgraded Alaska one way for $50 before.

VOLARIS - business

Clearly says BUSINESS, right?   

So first thing that happens is check in, which lasts over 60 minutes even with the priority I have. Excruciating. And the woman at the counter says: “No, we don’t have a business class on our planes.” So what exactly did I pay the additional $75 for?



“Does THIS look like a business class seat???????”

So, in spite of the flight not taking off from Cancun airport until over an hour late, we fly into Mexico City, and we are at an appropriate time at the gate for boarding. We are supposed to board at 7:05 pm, our flight was supposed to take off at 7:50.


At about 7 pm- at the gate they set up a complete new SECURITY SCREENING. Yes, you read that correctly 3 tables with officers that are going through your hand luggage and purses MANUALY, but only for those passengers who are coming from another flight. Were we not properly screened already? WTF??

Volaris line 1

This is one of the lines that was formed. Let’s not even go into the fact that all their announcements are in SPANISH ONLY. Yes, seriously.

Volaris line 2

Clearly, that took a very long time just to board, and we made it to LA only an hour late. We left the gate about 35 minutes after we were supposed to, but we sat on the tarmack for about another 40 minutes, because we lost our place in the line of planes waiting to take off.


Now imagine, if the flight was canceled, if there were weather issues, or mechanical, what would you have done? No 800 customer service number, just a website where you booked. Your agent can’t do anything for you, as they don’t work with agencies and we can’t make a phone call for you, like we can with Delta or United. Volaris people are not very helpful. plus most of them don’t speak good English. Any question we asked in English, the ladies of Volaris were looking at each other with the “deer in headlights” look, negotiating with each other which one of them spoke good enough English to answer.

So in the future, if your ticket to Cancun is $100 more expensive via Virgin America, spend it. It’s worth it. I almost spent that much upgrading into a fake business class.

Happy Travels!


5 Tips for an Awesome Honeymoon

DC Vekic blog May 14, 2015

5 TIPS - HONEYMOON PDB_PrivateDining_F

#1 – HIRE A TRAVEL AGENT. This might sound self serving coming from an industry professional, but a majority of the time it doesn’t cost more than booking on the internet and they will do all of the leg work for you. Plus, a reputable travel agent will be a great advisor and advocate ensuring you not only get the best value, but also make sure you get all of the honeymoon freebies (champagne welcome, breakfast in bed, spa discounts, private dinners, etc.) that online booking site might not even mention.


#2 – BOOK EARLY. The deposits to book a honeymoon are not large and usually they are refundable. By booking early, you will insure early booking bonuses and discounts. Also if you have your heart set on a special room category, like millionaire suite, master suite, swim-out suite, etc, you will ensure you get it as there is a very small number of those rooms in existence. Some are even sold out a year in advance!

5 TIPS - HONEYMOON SEWMB_PreferredClub_SwimoutSuites_1B

#3 – DISCOVER A NEW PLACE TOGETHER – Go someplace where the Bride and Groom have never been before. Unless the honeymoon is a tribute to a milestone event (for example: proposal in Hawaii – honeymooning where he proposed), the honeymoon should be a brand new milestone that will create new memories and forever tie Bride and Groom to its location.

5 TIPS - HONEYMOON SECRC_RomanticDinner_3B

#4 – KEEP YOUR CELLPHONES OFF (as much as you can) AND SHARE EXPERIENCES with EACH OTHER. There will be plenty of time after the honeymoon to accept all the congratulations and well wishes from friends and relatives. If you are an Instagram junkie, limit yourself to 3-4 posts a day. Concentrate on sharing experiences, like couples massage, candlelit private dinner on the beach, or just spending an entire day doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company.


#5 – CREATE MEMORIES – Amazingly enough, sometimes couples are so immersed in their trip they forget to take photos. Make a conscious effort to take a good camera and take pictures of each other on your honeymoon. If a resort has a professional photographer, book a session. Your travel agent will know and might even be able to arrange a discount. Buy a souvenir together, something that will bring back memories when you look at it. Do something together that neither of you has done before.

5 TIPS - HONEYMOON SEWMB_MasterSuite_Room_1

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