The joy of a destination wedding

DC Vekic blog January 16, 2015

Destination weddings have gained in popularity in recent years. Today, this hip and modern alternative allows couples to combine the best of a romantic honeymoon with a more traditional ceremony, oftentimes saving money in the process. By combining wedding and honeymoon, you can afford to go to that dream honeymoon location.


Destinations weddings tend to be smaller, more intimate events. They also tend to last a few days, giving you and your intended plenty of opportunity to spend time with your guests. Although not all of your invited guests will be able to travel due to scheduling and budgetary concerns, those who can attend interact more with each other and their hosts than at a traditional wedding and return feeling more a part of your life and special day.


These days grooms are doing more in the planning process. Whether it is deciding on gift bags or coordinating guest outings, grooms tend to want to do more in destination wedding planning. Taking the often times stressful burden off the bride. Specifically, grooms enjoy organizing the smaller events such as day outings and happy hour mixers.


Take it from someone who had a magical destination wedding. My barefoot tropical wedding on the beach in Kaua’i can’t be compared to anything else I have done when it came to my own personal enjoyment, romance and pure joy.


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Honeymoons of a lifetime

DC Vekic blog January 16, 2015

Your Honeymoon could be the most memorable trip of your life. So to ensure a fun and flawless retreat, here are a few words of advice from the experts.


First and foremost don’t let your relatives influence your decision where to go for your honeymoon. It’s just that…YOUR HONEYMOON! Your aunt or brother-in-law may be a seasoned travelers, but chances are they haven’t been on a honeymoon in decades and may not realize the different dynamics necessary for your specific needs. Realize that your relatives are most likely not living your lifestyle.


Grooms, don’t copy your best friend’s honeymoon. I once had a groom tell me that he wanted the exact same honeymoon that his best friend had, only to find out after meeting his bride to be, that the honeymoon in question would have been an absolute disaster. The resort he had in mind was noisy, overbooked, and famous for slow service, and the bride was envisioning a private, secluded, and romantic honeymoon. Remember, you’re not marrying your best friend’s wife! Luckily we could intervene before it was too late, and book them the Honeymoon of their dreams.


Don’t let that free timeshare gift ruin your honeymoon. You might already have a perfect location for your honeymoon in mind. But along comes uncle Oscar with a wedding gift of usage of his timeshare for a week. A couple will usually feel obligated and say: “Let’s do that, and then we’ll go to Tahiti for a 5 year anniversary.” I have yet to meet a couple that actually took that dream trip later. What newlyweds fail to plan for are the upcoming life change marriage will bring like kids, new jobs, mortgage payments, etc. It is very easy for “we’ll do it later” to become, “we never did take that dream trip”. Remember, it’s your honeymoon, so it should be your choice of location.


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