The year of the sea grass…

DC Vekic blog August 14, 2018

This has been one of the toughest years with so much sea grass floating all over the Caribbean Sea. It devastated all our sugar white beaches from Barbados, Dominican Republic, Mexico …

This is definitely nowhere near as bad as it got, but as much as we had cleaning crews on sire there was not much to be done. The seagrass could be seen from the airplane all over. Over the water bungalows in Mexico and Jamaica look like they are standing in flood water.

It is just one of those years… We don’t have seagrass in Costa Rica, but Costa Rica is mostly covered in black sand. Cabo and Puerto Vallarta are on the Pacific Coast where we don’t have this issue, but everyone has already been there..

I think this article describes it the best, I did not want to go with such dramatic photos,  although everything they posted it quite true… Although the article is about Playa Del Carmen, it’s quite accurate about an entire Caribbean and we have a link to the current seagrass map… THE SUMMER OF SEAWEED is an accurate description

Expedia will never tell you about it, so always use your travel professional to plan your travel. We can even price-match…



5 Tips for an Awesome Honeymoon

DC Vekic blog May 14, 2015

5 TIPS - HONEYMOON PDB_PrivateDining_F

#1 – HIRE A TRAVEL AGENT. This might sound self serving coming from an industry professional, but a majority of the time it doesn’t cost more than booking on the internet and they will do all of the leg work for you. Plus, a reputable travel agent will be a great advisor and advocate ensuring you not only get the best value, but also make sure you get all of the honeymoon freebies (champagne welcome, breakfast in bed, spa discounts, private dinners, etc.) that online booking site might not even mention.


#2 – BOOK EARLY. The deposits to book a honeymoon are not large and usually they are refundable. By booking early, you will insure early booking bonuses and discounts. Also if you have your heart set on a special room category, like millionaire suite, master suite, swim-out suite, etc, you will ensure you get it as there is a very small number of those rooms in existence. Some are even sold out a year in advance!

5 TIPS - HONEYMOON SEWMB_PreferredClub_SwimoutSuites_1B

#3 – DISCOVER A NEW PLACE TOGETHER – Go someplace where the Bride and Groom have never been before. Unless the honeymoon is a tribute to a milestone event (for example: proposal in Hawaii – honeymooning where he proposed), the honeymoon should be a brand new milestone that will create new memories and forever tie Bride and Groom to its location.

5 TIPS - HONEYMOON SECRC_RomanticDinner_3B

#4 – KEEP YOUR CELLPHONES OFF (as much as you can) AND SHARE EXPERIENCES with EACH OTHER. There will be plenty of time after the honeymoon to accept all the congratulations and well wishes from friends and relatives. If you are an Instagram junkie, limit yourself to 3-4 posts a day. Concentrate on sharing experiences, like couples massage, candlelit private dinner on the beach, or just spending an entire day doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company.


#5 – CREATE MEMORIES – Amazingly enough, sometimes couples are so immersed in their trip they forget to take photos. Make a conscious effort to take a good camera and take pictures of each other on your honeymoon. If a resort has a professional photographer, book a session. Your travel agent will know and might even be able to arrange a discount. Buy a souvenir together, something that will bring back memories when you look at it. Do something together that neither of you has done before.

5 TIPS - HONEYMOON SEWMB_MasterSuite_Room_1

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Take care of your skin this summer

DC Vekic blog July 2, 2014

I’m always asked how do I take care of my skin when I travel, so I decided to let Jen Milbauer my Mary Kay girl answer that question. This is what she has to say:

Summer is here & I’m sure you have your travel plans lined up, and are counting down the days until you’ll be sipping your mai tai on the sandy shores of paradise. I’m Jennifer Milbauer, a Mary Kay rep, and here are some of my favorite, Award Winning products you should know about that will keep you looking beautiful & relaxed all summer long. For more information about these products, please follow the links I’ve provided, or visit my website at

This is the Mary Kay After Sun Replenishing Gel & I’m totally in love with it … It is slightly cooling & absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving any residue of greasiness behind.

But before you use that After-Sun Gel, don’t forget the importance of sunscreen! Here is a fan favorite, our 30 spf sunscreen that will cover your pretty skin for up to 80 minutes in the sun or running around exploring:.

But please don’t forget about using SPF on your kisser! I adore this lip protector! It’s awesome & lasts for a long time. I use it alone or under my lip gloss.

Speaking of lip gloss, the NourishinePlus Lip Gloss in Au Naturel looks stunning against sun-kissed skin.

Mary Kay CC Cream Sunscreen Broadspectrum 15spf will make getting ready a breeze, and will leave your skin looking luminous & lovely all day long!
A lovely weightless translucent powder that you can brush lightly for a flawless finish ~ one of Mary Kay’s best sellers & a staple in my beauty regimen:
I LOVE this waterproof mascara ~ it’s my favorite of all the Mary Kay mascaras because it works so well & comes off easily with Mary Kay’s Eye Make-Up Remover (one of the best sellers & in all the magazines!);-Black/130708.partId?eCatId=10019
Here’s the world’s best make-up remover I was telling you about – seriously, I will never ever use anything else! My eyes are sensitive & this product is the only one that doesn’t irritate them or sting. It’s oil-free, AND it takes away ALL traces of my eye make-up!

Depending on your age, we have some fabulous skin care products … I have used them all & being (just a teeny tiny little bit) over 40, I have started using the TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Set & it’s literally a time machine in a bottle. My mother uses this line as well & you should see her skin – FLAWLESS! We both get constant compliments about our skin!
But I used the TimeWise Miracle set for several years before moving up & LOVED that line! It’s no joke that the word “miracle” is in the title! We have it in a normal / dry combo or combination / oily combo depending on your skin type.
If you have a man in your life that you love, do him a favor like I did for my husband & hook him up with our amazing MK Men’s Line, including this Facial Hydrator Sunscreen 30 spf!
Love this Travel Case for all of your skin care & make up:
Have a wonderful summer & if you have any questions or need more recommendations, please don’t hesitate to call me 323.547.1458 or email me at Aloha & safe travels!
~Jennifer Milbauer