You made it through the Holidays, winter and all this time something to look forward to is your vacation that you booked long time ago, and just thinking about it got you through the family dinners business Holiday parties, etc. What can you do to avoid getting sick just as you are about to travel?
This is what everyone says:
“Check on any vaccinations you might need by consulting your physician or the Centers for Disease Control  and get vaccinated prior to your travel. Keep a copy of your vaccination records and bring it along on your trip.
If you’re prone to air sickness, ask for a window seat over the wing.
If a traveling child is recovering from a cold, use decongestant nose drops one-half hour before takeoff and landing.
Pack your medications in their original, pharmacy-labeled bottles to avoid problems with Customs and be sure to never pack it in baggage that you are planning to check.
It is strongly recommended that scuba divers wait at least 24 hours after your last dive before taking to the skies. This minimizes the risk of developing decompression illnesses such as the bends.
Consult your physician on any changes in timing of your medication—especially insulin—when you cross multiple time zones.”
But I will suggest on a little bit more:
Your immune system is what will keep you healthy and not susceptible \to viruses or cold just as you are getting ready to travel. Your best bet is to:
  • add some zinc, echinacea, vitamin C to your daily vitamin supplements
  • double up on the antioxidants such as berries 
  • add cinnamon wherever you can
  • sleep your 7-8 hours a day or get as close to it as you can
  • and finally don’t underestimate the hand sanitizer and use it as much as you can

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