Most of us who have been in the COVID 19 haze and lockdown, have let our exercises routines either drop completely, or seriously lacking the usual dedication. We have also indulged food and alcohol more than usual, and now that we might be traveling in 2021, we need to get back in shape and fit into our vacation-ware. I personally used to spin, and now with the gyms closed I found it hard to get motivated. I had a long talk with my dear friend and fitness maven Irene Biery, on this subject.

Irene Biery

My first question is how do we develop and keep our routine, and there is no simple answer. Very few of us can keep up with the discipline and dedication it takes without help. A personal trainer is your accountability watchdog, your biggest cheerleader and an expert who can custom design a workout tailored for your needs and make sure to support you when you’re ready to give up. She is suggesting adding the following exercises in the meantime and do them every other day for a quick full body workout. As you get stronger you can add weights to make these exercises more potent and challenging.

Sit-ups are a classic core workout.
They are do not only strengthen the abdominal muscles, but also work the chest, hip flexor, lower back and neck. 
Keep doing those sit-ups!


An excellent upper body workout. This exercise targets multiple muscles, including chest, back, arms, shoulders, triceps, neck as well as legs and increased core strength. Push-ups! Wow !

Lunges are one of the best leg workout!
They target gluteus muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles. But they also strengthen abdominal muscles. 
Tip: take smaller steps work to work the quads more
Bigger steps will give you a better gluteus burn.

A little bit more about Irene, she is 51 and a COVID survivor. She focuses on fitness in 40s 50s and 60s. It took her months of hard work regaining her strength back and getting ever stronger than before COVID. Follow her on Instagram for more tips. You can also email to to schedule a free 30 minute consultation and discuss your goals.

Let’s get in the bikini shape together!