Take it from someone that got married more than once, my barefoot tropical wedding on the beach in Kaua’i couldn’t beat anything else when it came to my own personal enjoyment, romance and pure joy.
I couldn’t handle the stress of planing the wedding, flowers, seating charts and just the enormous cost of everything. Been there – done that and didn’t enjoy it. My first wedding  was extremely stressful 300+ people, I didn’t know most of them and the best man’s grandma dropped dead on the dance floor. Really. Ceremony lasted 1 hr 40 minutes, everyone had a great time except me and the ill-fated grandma (but dropping dead on the dance floor is an excellent way to go in my opinion). I didn’t want to repeat the big white wedding, especially that I wasn’t crazy about it the first time around. Although my first husband and I got some seriously good gifts and lots of cash that we should have spent on a lavish honeymoon, but we didn’t unfortunately. 
My current husband and I didn’t have parents with deep pockets to pay for the wedding, so we started saving. We saved and saved, but our savings were very meager compared to how much a decent reception would cost. So we decided to do the next best thing: screw the reception and wedding presents – let’s blow all the money on ourselves. To this day we didn’t receive ONE wedding present, but we had the most romantic wedding ever. We didn’t even know where are we going for dinner that night. We asked our wedding coordinator who organized everything where to go, we told him we just want really good food, we are covered with sand and we are barefoot, and we had a wedding dinner at the great restaurant with no tablecloths, blue hawaiians were flowing, lobsters, crabs and steaks were served in abundance, and it was perfect. 
Whenever I visit any of the hotels I always ask for the wedding coordinator and to look at locations for weddings, honeymoon suites, and any set wedding menus. The most convenient I found so far was at Sandals and Beaches Weddings by Martha Stewart. Here are few photos of Seaside Serenade Dinner Sandals actually served for us. Their wedding coordinators are a dream to work with. No request is too big or too small.
In closing, as I’m about to embark just on my 13th wedding anniversary, no begging or pleading to my husband that 13 years in Los Angeles is like being married 25 years anywhere else will convince him to renew our vows, so I’m going to have to live vicariously through my brides as I work with their wedding coordinators. Here is 2 more photos of Martha Stweart wedding themes (daytime-better photos I was using iPhone).
Happy Travels!

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