Le Taha'a Resort and Spa

There is a reason I chose to put Le Taha’a first when I for my French Polynesia picks.

And being my first stop when I last visited the area, is NOT one of those reasons. Taha’a is not the easiest to get to. First, you have to get on an 8 hour flight to Papeete, Tahiti (from LAX), and then you take a smaller inter island plane to Raiatea. It might be a non-stop flight and it might not, as all those inter island flights adjust all the time. Even if you have to stop to Bora Bora or Huahine on the way, it’s usually less than a 15 minute stop. Raiatea is the closest airport to Taha’a, so you’ll board a water taxi and drive around the island to get to the magical Le Taha’a. It is worth the trouble.
Being the ONLY RESORT on the island, it truly feels like a private island experience. Yes, there are overthewater bungalows, and they ARE stunning, but it’s the suites with their outdoor bathtubs in the enclosed private garden settings, which spell romance to me.

“You had me at Coral Garden”…

…are words that come to my mind, and explain why Le Taha’a is the first on this list. I snorkeled many coral gardens, but this one is right in the back yard. Just a short walk with your guide (provided by the resort) and you will get in the crystalline clear water and take a drift snorkel through an impressive garden of coral bursting with tropical fish! If I was to ever have another honeymoon, Le Taha’a would be my 1st stop. One of the things that is accessible to do from Taha’a, is a vanilla plantation tour at Raiatea. Each vanilla bean is hand pollinated, which explain why this vanilla is the finest vanilla in the world. Great tour while at this resort. For exclusive Le Taha’a specials, e-mail me.