I have just returned from an amazing trip from Jamaica – went to Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Savana La Mar and Negril, and it has changed so much from the last time I was there. I’ll write more about it, but I had to share an experience that can only happen in Jamaica: Pelican Restaurant in the middle of nowhere in the Caribbean Sea:

I loved it so much that I changed it to my profile company photo. What a great place. It’s called Pelican, and from Sandals Whitehouse (which is about 1 hr from Negril, and about 90 minutes from MBJ Montego Bay airport) it took about 40 minutes on a catamaran (with a little snorkeling exursion on the way).


How great is this place! Ladies, no hight heels, and there are no bathrooms (it helps if you get there on a yacht or a catamaran so you have a bathroom access – I always try to travel in style)
So when we got there the first thing we did is order food as they prepare it on the spot for you. My dear lobster, you will be my lunch today. It was so delicious and super tasty.
Super small place, with lots of locals, and some souvenier stuff. I bought seashells for my daughter.
this is the guy that had all the seashells.
And of course, it was an amazing day. As much as I am a diver and would do anything to breathe bubbles, I had a choice visit this place or go diving. I can go diving anytime anyplace, this was such a unique experience. Highly recommended – it even hit my bucket list.
Happy Travels!

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