This is just something that started developing about a year ago. I travel a great deal for work, of course, but I do get some leisure time, as I should experience some things my clients do.

One of my favorite activities is having a drink in a lounge chair on the beach/by the pool. I am a professional, if I say it is an activity – it is. So then I rented a private cabana last year in May in Jamaica and snapped a photo of my feet overlooking the ocean.

This one:

I loved it so much that it became my FaceBook cover page. It truly represents a saying ‘picture is worth a thousand words”, because you can feel how fluffy were those terry sheets covering the beach mattress, the breeze from the ocean and you can almost smell salty air.  It was several months later that I took similar photo.

This was Turks & Caicos in November 2012.

In the meantime I was in Mexico Cancun August 2012, Turks & Caicos end of August, back to Runaway Bay, Jamaica September 2012, but it didn’t occur to me to take ‘the feet photo’.

Then I started thinking that feet were not enough. There was always a tropical cocktail in my hand.

and I decided to instagram it. (Drink there is Yellow Bird, one of my favorites). And still the whole idea of every-view with feet and a drink didn’t quite crystallize in my mind, so the trip to Mazatlan in January – there was no feet photo.


Then came Hawaii in January, and I took this photo. Our beach was too cold for my blood, so we did the pool, and a friend commented on this photo: how you can totally get the feeling of relaxation, and that is when it became a thing.
I even took a photo by the pool at my Country Club, when I was with my daughter and a friend with her little girl.
Then came Jamaica April 2013, when I took my little girl with me and this one was again with the yellow bird.
and the blue drink after a spa appointment in my robe.
and a waterfall pool view with a yellow bird, also Jamaica.
same thing with my daughter on a floaty on Instagram.
Puerto Vallarta, Secrets pool with a colorful drink. I asked them for something that will photograph well (but it was delicious).
and a best pina colada ever (same pool).
and a swim up bar with a view to the beach (also Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) beginning of June 2013.
this was last week in St. Lucia, couldn’t decide on a drink.
and one of my favorites – St. Lucia Sandals Grande beach, sand-covered toes next to the yellow bird.
This thing just got serious.
I’m off to Cancun next month – look for more feet, drinks, beaches and pools from me.
Find your own thing. Look at something that interests you. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll like it when it becomes a collection.
As travels are the bookmarks of my life, these photos are so precious to me.
Happy Travels!

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