Lots of talk about Mexico and safety. I personally feel comfortable going to certain areas. Last year I went to Cancun and twice to Cozumel. In Cancun I hire my own driver, I have been hiring his company for 4 years now, I take my little girl with me and I feel perfectly safe. 
For us on the West Coast it’s the only direct flight to the Caribbean, so you can’t beat the convenience.
I am enclosing a map done by Travel Weekly that gives you areas where you should exercise caution and/or not visit. It is a shame that such a beautiful country is currently under such a crime spree, as we used to drive from Los Angeles down to Rosarito and Ensenada and San Felipe and had time of our lives. 
I still plan vacations for my clients to Mexico with great pleasure. Anywhere we travel we should exercise common sense and caution. We are not in our country and there are some things that are different. It is a shame when people completely write of a country with such rich culture, excellent food, amazing beaches and great climate, and let’s not even talk about tequila. 
Another passion of mine that has to do with Mexico is a team of fashion designers called Pineda Covalin. They have incorporated pre-Columbian and Mexican art into the finest silk. Scarves, pareos, purses, shoes, I’m salivating just when I think about it. In the photo below I am wearing Pineda Covalin silk top (red) I bought in Cancun airport boutique in 2011. Hard to find, I love flying into Cancun just to visit their store. In Playa Del Carmen they even have a store. They also have a store in Cabo Airport. Something not to be missed. 
Don’t just discount all of Mexico yet.
Happy Travels!

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