It is fitting that my first post comes on Christmas day, as I came up with a Caribbean Inspired Holiday Cocktail. 

I was in Bahamas recently (there will be a later post about that), and I came across Ricardo’s Coconut Rum, which is an absolutely a wonderful drink. Do not come back from Bahamas without it (more on duty free and liquor later). 

Ricardo’s Coconut Rum is a very potent drink it is a dark rum and can also be consumed as an after diner drink in a cognac snifter at room temperature. In case you are not so lucky to have it handy I also did a version with a regular white coconut rum, and have adjusted amounts. 
So here is DC’s Holiday Delight recipe:

*1/3 Cruzan Cream Rum

*1/6 Ricardo Bahamian Coconut Rum (in case you don’t have Ricardo’s -or any other DARK rum with coconut flavoring handy, Malibu or other coconut flavored white rum will do but adjust the amount from 1/6 to 1/3)

*1/2 heavy cream (if you are using other than Ricardo’s that will be 1/3 heavy cream)

Mix and chill, serve in a chilled glass with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top.


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