I thought it was very important to address the way of travel that had been around for centuries but is now sweeping the nation as one of the most popular ways to travel and get immersed in the local culture with all the luxury and service we are accustomed to.

Since it’s been 20+ years that I personally went on a river cruise in Europe and things have drastically changed, I have decided to bring you the next best thing to my own experience: I’m bringing you Luxury River Cruising blog written on location by my dear friend Cyndi Hansen.

This is Cyndi & me in September 2011 
on a WINOS cruise  (Women In Need of Something)
she was my roommate.

Knowing Cyndi for a while now and getting to know her larger then life personality, super active lifestyle (she was up and working out every morning while I slept late), I was excited to read about her take on a different mode of travel than she is used to.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to write my take very soon on this very exciting and very modern way to travel Europe, Africa and Asia.
Enjoy and Happy Travels!

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