Just getting to the Jade Mountain is interesting to put it mildly. You can take a helicopter from UVF (Hewanorra Int’l St. Lucia) Airport, which is really the best way as you’ll get there really fast 10 minutes, and you’ll be able to see the Pitons from the air. If you decide to drive the last 5 miles are unpaved narrow up the hill road, and obviously it was raining cats and dogs when I was getting there. 
I was in front of one of the most remarkable sites of St. Lucia and it wouldn’t even photograph because of the weather. 
Let’s not even go through the fact that I had to treck throgh half of the country to see this resort as I was staying at Castries and Jade Mountain is in Soufreire. (UVF airport is the point Vieux Fort – FYI)
 But I made it. Ahhhh….
I was just sorry not to have fantastic photos in the full sunlight, but then later on St. Lucian weather (that was always kind to me) gave me some excellent sunshine.

When you first see the structure in front of you it is remarkable! Picture really doesn’t do it justice. Same thing like when you see the pyramids of Giza up-close and personal, you feel how awesome they are. 

To say that the structure is spectacular is just the beginning. The whole wonderful idea of the genius owner and architect Nick Troubetzkoy was to marry the concept of elements (earth, air, fire, water) into his building. They built it green before green was ‘in’, just because it achieved the perfect hamony between structure and nature. It opened in 2006.

When you walk into one of the rooms there is no blast of air-conditioning. Instead you are hugged by the cool breezes from the Caribbean Sea. 
Everything is open the bathrooms are just steps above the living areas designed for you to look out while you are taking a shower or a jacuzzi. And every room has it’s own infinity plunge pool, what else could there be?
No TVs in the room, but for technology addicted – free wi-fi. 
The dining is the concept as unique as the resort, here is the menu:
The most important decision of the trip that will take you to this slice of heaven, will be who to bring because once you bond with a person in an environment like Jade Mountain you will never forget it and it will stay with you for a lifetime. So make it a good one.
The beach is a black sand beach. Black sand is very therapeutic for rheumatism, etc. Ancient Egyptians used to bury themselves in the black sand for various therapies. And being so rich in minerals the coral reef right outside the Anse Chastanet is spectacular for divers and snorkelers. You can snorkel and dive straight of the beach. And this comes to you from a PADI certified diver – I was just dying that I was in front of that reef and didn’t dive it. (Excellent reason to come back)
(this is my new screen saver)
I’m still so very much in love with this resort, I’m definitely coming back for my own vacation.
And as a last note, Travel + Leisure Magazine just announced yesterday their World’s best hotels and I’m very happy to say that Nick Troubetzkoy’s Jade Mountain claimed the top Caribbean prize as well as making #14 of the top 50.  
Their Caribbean-styled sister-resort on the same property Nick Troubetzkoy’s Anse Chastanet claimed #21 of the worlds top 50 hotels. 
I absolutely adored Anse Chastanet, especially when I saw how they built a bathroom around the tree in order not to cut it down.
This one is for the bucket list!
Happy Travels!
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