There are many reasons why Destination Weddings are so popular, and only gaining in popularity. But they are not for everyone. Let’s go through the pros and cons.

The biggest reasons people chose Destination Weddings are the dream location, planning a smaller guest list and a potential to save money on the wedding cost.

The first and most obvious pro associated with planning a destination wedding is being able to get married in a setting that’s special or memorable to you and your future spouse. Regardless of the destination you choose, you have an opportunity to create memories—and capture some stunning wedding photos while you’re at it. Another great reason is that your friends/family get to spend more time with you, when they are already relaxed in an ideal location. Traditional Weddings typically give the wedding couple very limited interaction with their guests the day of the event.

In terms of benefits or advantages, there are several good reasons to consider a destination wedding over a traditional wedding. The biggest pros typically have to do with cost, convenience, and the overall experience that a destination wedding can provide.

Destination weddings can also offer a more intimate feel if there are fewer guests attending. It may not be feasible or realistic for 200 people to attend a wedding in St. Lucia, for example, if most of them have jobs or families requiring their attention. The upshot is that you can tailor your guest list to include the people who are most important to you.

For example, choosing an all-inclusive hotel or resort for the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon could make sense. This reduces the number of venues and vendors you need to book because there are usually partner wedding vendors on-site. Planning a destination wedding in a country that has a favorable exchange rate or a lower cost of living could also help your dollars stretch further.

On the other hand, a Destination Wedding may not be right for every couple. If you’re thinking about planning a wedding someplace exotic, here are a few of things to keep in mind.

An unwritten rule about destination weddings is that your guest list will be significantly smaller, in comparison to the traditional wedding. There may be financial or logistical barriers that keep your guests from attending, which can make your wedding party smaller than you originally planned. If someone particularly special to you is unable to attend, that could take some of the joy out of the day. 

Planning a wedding in a country you’ve never been to—or may have only visited once—can add a few wrinkles. For instance, you may need to consider things such as potential language barriers, and marriage license requirements. You’ll also need to consider travel restrictions to determine whether you’ll even be able to visit the destination of your choice. Planning as early as possible is the key.

Planning ANY wedding means taking a chance on the day working out as expected. Still, a destination wedding could present some unusual risks. For instance, you might be two days into your wedding celebrations when a hurricane, for example, forces an evacuation. We recommend travel insurance for all travel types.

A Destination Wedding may be a lot more stress than an in-town wedding, and it’s OK, we are planning for that. We have also seen that a Destination Wedding can be a lot less stressful. Separating yourself from the expectations of a local wedding means knowing all of your friends/family will be on time as they are at your destination days before the ceremony. And a less stressful guest-list because you know not everyone can make it, are all things that may sound like a breath of fresh air.

Also, It’s good to ponder the following questions:

  1. Is your family supportive of you having a Destination Wedding?
  2. If some of your friends/family can’t come, will you be OK?
  3. Do you and your fiancé enjoy traveling?

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