For all who know me, you will know that I am a passionate scuba diver. My PADI Open Water card never leaves my passport pouch. I had a good fortune in 2011 to have dives in Belize, Dominican Republic, Roatan, Honduras and Cozumel, Mexico. I was lucky enough to receive all new diving equipment from my husband, so I am looking to more diving holidays. He is usually the camera man on these dives and they are all done in hi-def (he believes he is filming for National Geographic), but he never labels his videos, and we still have a wedding video from 1999 that he is ‘getting to’ so I’m not holding my breath on my underwater videos. However, I had a beautiful dive with dolphins that I had Anthony Keys film for me, although it’s not of the greatest quality, it was one of those ‘bucket list’ items that I checked off and I was hoping to share with you, but my technical abilities will not allow it at this time. I’ll have to wait for my computer guru Kayvan Mott of Infinite Communications to finish his New Years festivities before he can take a crack at it! 
Diving vacations can be very special for those who have been bitten by the scuba diving bug and now live to ‘breathe bubbles’. I am planning to organize more specialized holidays for diving groups, and I think 1st on my list would be Roatan, Honduras. It holds special place in my heart, as diving is fantastic and it is safe and affordable. I have also observed divers and their companions on my holidays and I think I came up with a winning combination. When you have a husband/wife that dives with you, it’s great. But if your significant other does not dive, it makes it a boring and lonely holiday for them. So, I thought why not mix the both of best worlds. Go to some of the finest diving destinations, but go there with like minded people. If the non-diving partner comes to the diving vacation with you the least you can do is make sure he/she is taken care of. Whether that will consist of spa days, with other non-diving companions, shopping excursions, or just some plain fun in the sun on the beach, I’d like to put the end to the boredom and loneliness for your non-diving companion. I am open to suggestions on locations, activities so feel free to e-mail me @, Facebook me or just call me (800) 303-7901. 
Happy New Year and Safe Travels!

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