This one is a very near and dear to my heart. Since I became a professional travel agent it has been very important to me to have girlfriend getaways as a regular repertoire of what my agency offers. 

My first Girlfriend Getaway was WINOS (Women In Need Of Something), which has been designed by travel agents for female travel agents and their girlfriends. Last Year we had a BLAST on a cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel. There was 25 of us ladies. One of the new friends I met was Arlene, she also writes a blog and here is her take on girlfriend getaways: and more in depth account about meeting new friends

This year it’s WINOS @ JAMAICA! At Grand Bahia Prinipe in Runaway Bay September 20th. Email me @ if you are interested in joining us. 

It is truly a chance for us to ‘let our hair down’ and enjoy ourselves. We rarely have a chance to spend quality time together, as we are from all different corners of the United States, and it is so nice to finally sit and break bread together after years or even just months of e-mails, Facebook or phone calls. And being in this business we are spoiled with our requests for ourselves. The worst part about WINOS – September seems so far away!
So have a glass of wine with your BFF and think about joining us. We think Jamaica will never be the same. We already have 50+ ladies signed up. 
Stay warm this week and Happy Travels!

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