Well 1st and foremost, let me point you to the official rules Duty Free Information webpage.


There was some discussions if you are having a layover outside United States, whether you will be let on a plane with properly sealed duty free containers – and 9 times out of 10 it’s no.
So here are my 2 cents. There are several things I will go out of my way do get. My latest drink is Ron Ricardo Coconut Bahamian Rum.
Can’t get it in United States. They also make it flavored with banana, pineapple, mango etc. So when I’m in the Bahamas – I will make sure that 2 bottles come home with me.
One of the great things about Nassau airport is that you will clear US Customs right there and then, so if you have a direct flight home, you’ll be safe with your yellow 2 bottle carry on on the plane. However, if you have a layover, and you can’t check it into your luggage (because your luggage is on the way to your final destination), they might take it away from you, if you can’t find a way to check it. 

My advice is: when in Bahamas, get your Ron Ricardo into your luggage in your hotel room if you have a layover. The fact that it will cost you 3-4 $ less at the airport is not worth your aggravation.
Other than that regular duty free liquor just because it’s less expensive is just not worth the hassle. Chances are you’ll find it cheeper in Costco.
Have a Safe Week and Happy Travels!

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