This post comes to you from an ex-queen of overpacking. And to prove that I’m attaching a photo of my husband with his carryon luggage for our family trip to Cancun in 2007. 

Aside from our baby, giant car seat, stroller, camera equipment that we carried on we had 7 (yes, seven) pieces of luggage. I can’t even tell you all the stuff I brought, all I know it took us (and by us I mean my husband because I don’t clean when on vacation) about 30-40 minutes every day to just organize the pile of stuff.
Another great example was my trip to Italy in 2001, where I had to drag all my own suitcases up and down many many many stairs because Italians don’t really believe in bell-service. 
These days when I travel on my business trips I take carry-on only. Yes, I take only 2 evening dresses. Last year everyone saw me in my orange dress and black dress that I alternate every other night. And this year I promise I will buy 2 new dresses, not black and not orange. I don’t take hair curlers or flat irons, because I’m sure there will be someone in my hotel that I can borrow those things from, and if not it means it’s time for a ponytail and I just stick a large flower in my hair. 2 bathing suits, 3-4 sarongs, a couple of wrap skirts and some tang tops – that’s it. I travel in jeans, tang top and I have a huge sweatshirt that I can tie on my carry on if it’s too hot. I even manage to travel with my family with just 1 or 2 suitcases, plus diving equipment, and I’m even working on diving equipment to be shipped. When we went on a cruise when everyone was waiting 6 hours for their luggage and had to come down to dinner in shorts and t-shirt I was unpacked all set and ready to enjoy myself.
Do not underestimate the power of packing and unpacking in 15 minutes. Traveling light is such a unburdening experience.
Have a safe week and Happy Travels!

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